what men smell like in space

a headline of mine that made it into this bloomingdales men’s fall 2010 catalog. this section showed men’s fragrances in an outer space setting.


man’s aggressive nature

i wrote a billion headlines for this bloomingdales men’s fall 2010 catalog. here’s one that actually made it into the book. this section was about some of the fall trends with a taste of punk.

holiday ho

a greeting card i wrote and made for holiday 2010. white paper layered on white paper. (please ignore my horrible skills in photography.)

blurry, hairy thakoon

this was me trying to take a shot of a model about to walk thakoon’s runway show. (was it for fall 2011?) remind me not to become a photographer.

higher learning to the 14th power

this is a shot of one of the 14 admission booklets–one for each of the 14 colleges–that i wrote for roosevelt university in chicago. each booklet told its own story about a college within the university, from the new pharmacy school to the department of performing arts. i worked with faust ltd. on this project and i think the booklets were published in spring 2011 for fall 2011. (or maybe for spring 2012?)

paper butterflies in my stomach

some examples of the hand-made greeting card line, called “butterfly”, that i created for the high-end boutique ikram in chicago. all artwork was hand cut paper on paper.

from point a to z with a winding road in between

i co-wrote this article about how there isn’t always a straight path to follow in becoming an entrepreneur. (written for technori, an online magazine.)


Jeff Leitner’s Long Strange Journey Has Only Just Begun. (Again.)


“In business schools and in business plans, they ask for exit strategies,” Leitner says. “I find that absurd. What I’ve learned at every stage in my career is that I learn more on the first day of doing whatever it is I’m doing than I will ever learn by planning for it.”

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