drawn to her

here are some illustrations i’ve been working on. their long necks and open mouths are filled with so many things to say…..



another card i made and sent to a friend. all hand cut metallic and fluorescent paper and illustration with colored markers…

pretty, pretty….

here’s another hand cut paper on paper card i made for a friend. it’s white on white…even though in the shot it looks grey on grey due to my lousy photography skills….

flower bolt

here is an invite series i did for a friend’s batmitzvah. all hand cut flourescent and metallic paper. think flowers blooming on a bolt of lightening…

card art

the latest that i’ve been doing: hand cut paper on paper cards…

holiday ho

a greeting card i wrote and made for holiday 2010. white paper layered on white paper. (please ignore my horrible skills in photography.)

paper butterflies in my stomach

some examples of the hand-made greeting card line, called “butterfly”, that i created for the high-end boutique ikram in chicago. all artwork was hand cut paper on paper.