talkin’ baloney

i got to be interviewed by a couple of students i met at chicago portfolio school who launched a podcast show called darn good baloney. i chatted with them about the ad industry, gave them some insights, and got to be their very first interview!

here’s a shout out to kevin and adam for letting me be a part of it. i wish them success with the podcast show.


mentor love

i got props for helping a youngin’ get her start in advertising. (smiley face here!)


those who can, teach.


i’m teaching another writing workshop for two weekends in november at loyola where i teach students how to persuade an audience by using advertising writing principles. if you’re in chicago, sign up…we’ll have fun!

click the link to check it out…

charge it!

last summer, i worked on some direct mail pieces selling credit cards for a bank. i figured since i did the work, i might as well post it to my blog. you can witness all the excitement for yourself when you click on the link below. maybe you got one of these in the mail?


a local chicago blogger interviews me about….me….

—Twenty Two

basic black goes ballistic

flower power all the way, baby! click on the shot and read what i wrote about this bag for claire’s…

you can never have too many bracelets

let me tell you why with this little number i wrote about for claire’s. just click on the shot and read away….