aw, shucks…

amy’s the cutest…

amy and me


picture perfect

i forgot about being able to take a pic with the lovely mr. nick cave (pictured right). i got to wear his soundsuits…TWICE!

nick and megan michigan

sing it like you mean it…


well, i got to go to another swank fête. nothing like hanging with a fashion crown till 1:30 in the morning singing karaoke….

food and frocks rock it in chicago

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 4.05.25 PM

i was lucky enough to be part of a fun dinner where the topic of conversation was fashion, fashion, fashion.

you can read the article here….

paper butterflies in my stomach

some examples of the hand-made greeting card line, called “butterfly”, that i created for the high-end boutique ikram in chicago. all artwork was hand cut paper on paper.

talk the talk

this is a customer mailer series i wrote and illustrated for the high-end boutique ikram in chicago. the series was about what it would be like to listen in on women while they shop. the rest of the series can be seen on my website under “she work”. (4″x4″, gloss card stock. illustrations hand drawn with colored marker and pen. a card was sent once a month over 12 months to clients.)


here’s an illustration i did of kim hastreiter of paper magazine for an ad congratulating her on winning a cdfa award. the ad was in the sept 2010 issue of paper.